Episode 2 - Foul weather protection

Are you searching for a product that will save you from impacts, poor weather, or the cold? With all the various materials out, you need to learn which one will function best for you. I write this blog for you. In this second installment, we will examine the unique protective materials found in a Racer product to shield you from the elements.

During a massive storm, light drizzle, heavy winds, or excessive humidity, we have all had a situation where we needed to feel protected as much as possible. Nothing more miserable than a wet glove or clothing. It’s heavy, sticks to our skin and brings cold. In addition, if we often have our things wet, mold can grow and bring an end to its usability. It prohibits us from performing, having fun, and reduces durability. However, you cannot just apply a layer to keep all water out, because that can sacrifice any breathability, comfort, and aesthetics. Designing a product is a work of balance. In the sewing workshops at Racer, we seek to innovate on this balance for the best impermeability, breathability, comfort, and aesthetics. We provide you with technologies that will let you practice cycling, motorcycling, skiing, horse riding or any other outdoor sport with a free soul and serene body.

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A membrane requires providing waterproofing on the surface while maintaining breathability on the interior. Looking at a membrane under the microscope, small holes riddle the surface. Breathability describes the ability of the membrane to wick moisture away from our body to the outside. To waterproof, we are describing the contrary effect, the ability to avoid water from passing through the membrane. As a result, the more waterproof a product, the less breathable it is. The membranes used in Racer products are an innovative combination of breathability and waterproofness.

You can notice three distinct characteristics in the different membranes to protect you from the elements. First, you have the windbreaker which is a thinner membrane, because its primary purpose remains, as its name shows, to block the wind. The product remains very light but does not protect against water. Wind repelling is the fabric’s ability to stay dry by not absorbing water and letting it form pearls on your body. The water doesn’t soak in the material to not weigh it down. Waterproofing determines the resistance against water passing through the material. We assess the permeability using the Schmerber test which is the unit of measurement for the impermeability of the textile, and which corresponds to the standard of the European Conformity EN 20 811 (ISO 811). To perform the test, we apply pressure to water against the membrane and determine how much water passes through it. We calculated the scale for calculating impermeability in Schmerber. 1 Schmerber represents 1 mm of the water column. Waterproof membranes are rated around 10,000 Schmerber or 10,000 mm.

Les membranes

Gore-Tex ® is an international reference in membranes. Waterproof, breathable and windproof, invented by Bob Gore in 1970. The Gore-Tex membrane, made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) better known as Teflon. Used in the aerospace industry, the Gore membrane is also present in medicine and equipment destined for difficult climates. Gore-Tex® is one of the best materials to make a waterproof glove. The Gore company markets a waterproof and breathable insert sewn to the exterior fabric of the Racer glove and the internal lining at the fingertips. The liner remains mobile. This offers you better mobility but leads to weak points against water at the seams. You can find Gore-Tex ® in winter sports gloves like the GTK 3, MTK 3 mittens and LTK 3 lobster gloves for skiing and for women, in the MStarz 2 mittens and the GStarz 2 gloves.

The DDS™ (Direct dry solution) is a waterproof membrane which, thanks to a unique process in the manufacture, improves the comfort and performance of the gloves. A classic waterproof membrane creates a space between the exterior layer and the lining, tiny but present. The DDS™ membrane is heat-sealed and not sewn to prevent water from penetrating the different layers of the product. The glove has no weaknesses in the seams; it remains waterproof, light and provides excellent breathability. We used DDS™ in the Mavis 2 motorcycle gloves. For more urban use and more versatility, you can find it in the Wildry, Wildry F and Wildry Kid.

POLYMAX™ is a technology developed by Racer to increase our experience in membranes. By combining polyester and polyurethane, we can create a membrane and then tailor it to provide maximum waterproofing while allowing the ability to breathe. We are pursuing to innovation. This technology allows us to adhere to the same standard of quality as the other two materials. We offer a better variety in terms of membrane depending on customer desires. Being developed with elite athletes, they are efficient and suitable for every sport that is part of the Racer universe. We have used this technology for our pioneering heating range and offer the finest of our knowledge and engineering.


The most effective way to defend against the elements is an act of balance. The more waterproof a material is, the less often it breathes. You will find combinations of the windbreak, water repellent and waterproof characteristics to secure maximum waterproofing. But we still need to assure the best breathability. An incredible amount of engineering and innovation goes into our products to prevent the effects of wind and rain. Gore-Tex®, DDS™ and POLYMAX™ are what you can find in the finest Racer products. However, specific situations call for specific protection technologies and we are versatile in constructing varied products to meet the requirements of our customers. Whether it is to break wind, repel water or waterproof, we combine these characteristics to offer a varied range of products against poor weather. Throughout all of them, you can still find our signature comfort. Practice your favorite sport knowing you’re shielded by the best membranes available.

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