Episode 3 - Protection against cold

Are you searching for a product that will save you from impacts, poor weather, or the cold? With all the various materials out, you need to learn which one will function best for you. I wrote this blog for you. In this third installment, we will examine the unique protective materials found in a Racer product to shield you from the cold.

Cold temperature is one of the most important factors when going out. How many times have you stayed at home because the temperatures were too low? Plus, even if you decide to go out, often the gear does not meet all insulation needs. Result? The glove stays either too hot or too cold because it keeps too much heat or escapes too fast. In either case, it’s unpleasant and a major obstacle to practicing outdoor sports. We have given ourselves the mandate to manufacture gloves with the best materials to keep your hand warm and comfortable to allow you serenity for your body.

Guaranteed quality

The cold weather products have several resemblances to those built against terrible weather seen in the previous article. Two types of materials guarantee excellent protection against the cold. First, the first textile layer serves as a waterproof, water repellent and breathable membrane. Water does not reach through the layers of the glove and let the cold run through. Second, we placed an isolating layer between the fabric and your hand to limit heat transmission to the outside.

To keep your hand warm, three factors of heat transmission exist:


Thermal conduction:
The best-known transmission factor, it represents the passage of heat or cold from one body to another caused by a difference in temperature.


The flow of hot or cold air in the atmosphere that influences temperature. The mistral wind or the tramontana can still make you feel cold, even on a beautiful sunny day. It is important to use suitable materials that will have a windproof effect and thus avoid feeling cold because of the wind, the famous Kiss cool effect.


Our body secretes sweat through the pores of the skin to lower its temperature. This is a response from our body during heavy physical exertion and also when it deals with high heat. Insulating our body too much will raise its temperature and cause us to sweat with no means of evacuating it. So, it penetrates in the glove. Using materials and technologies that provide you good breathability is essential to allow perspiration to escape while maintaining a “shell” effect against the cold.


Softshell is a textile made through combining polyester and nylon, woven together to create a strong and pleasant material. It has windproof and water-repellent properties to defend the other layers’ underneath. By preventing the chilly air from passing through the glove, it restricts the convective movement of heat. As a result, thermal conduction is reduced, as there is less contact with cold air. You can find this advantage in a wide variety of our gloves. This is convenient for motorcycles to provide that first insulating layer against the air. With models like the Austin, Blake 2 and Dynamic 4 you will have your hands protected during your winter excursions.

Schoeller–PCM ™ is a textile resulting from space research by a Swiss firm with the same name. It is a market leader in insulating technology to shield you against the cold and guarantee your comfort. The material stores heat to redistribute it when the temperature sinks. It possesses several attributes such as waterproofness, breathability, but we use it for its thermal efficiencies in our products. Being an insulating textile, it also appears very light and thus ideal to be fixed in to gloves like the Alpine for any urban movement on foot or by bike.

Goose down is an insulator placed between the protective layers of the product. It stands at the top in terms of natural insulation quality against the cold because of its higher density than duck down. It allows for unparalleled heat retention; enhanced durability and the capacity to return to its initial shape after being pushed on. Made for more important demands in terms of comfort and insulation, you can identify it in high-end winter sports Racer products like the GTK 3, MTK 3, LTK 3.

Like Goose down, PrimaLoft® is a worldwide leader in insulation. They created the technology for the US military to provide a synthetic variant of the down, but with the same benefits. It is made of an insulating microfiber used in the linings. We use this technology in multiple Racer products for its insulation factor to keep you warm without suffocating your hand. With PrimaLoft® technology and our knowledge, we have been created products like the M Snow 3 ski gloves that offer you maximum protection against the cold. You can likewise spot the same material in the Gridder 2 GTX motorcycle gloves and the Tourer Pro GTX for long winter road trips which call for a greater heat factor.


Shielding yourself from the cold is one of our priorities whilst permitting it to breathe. We need to mix waterproof, water repellent and windproof layers to prevent wind or water from driving heat outside, making our insulation useless. Our knowledge leads us to couple Softshell, Schoeller–PCM ™, Goose Down and PrimaLoft® to offer you the finest imaginable insulation. You can play sports in many environments with various protection needs. Also, every individual produces internal heat differently, so you can consider other degrees of insulation. So, we must stay watchful of the desires of our customers and offer a diverse choice of products. Whether skiing on a mountain, a lengthy winter ride or a hike in the woods, we assure you can engage in your favorite sport while maintaining your body and mind free. You get the same Racer comfort knowing that you are under shelter from the best insulating elements. This is it for the third blog about various materials to protect you against the cold. Thank you for reading, hope you picked up a thing or two, see you for the fourth blog on different leather types used in designing our signature gloves.

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