Customized gloves for our athletes

Go behind the scenes of the Racer workshop. Discover the design of our flagship products and meet our team.

In our workshops located in the heart of Provence, the design of a product takes time. Our design teams patiently work on new creations adapted to the evolution of your needs. We also make custom products, for particular customer requests, for research or specific needs, but also for our athletes and champions.

Today, our motorcycle product manager Célia and the young pilot Justine Pedemonte tell you a little more about the Racer made-to-measure.

Testimony of Celia

Justine, like other young drivers, could not find the gloves she needed to acquire the level of riding precision required for competitions. So we decided to put our knowledge at the service of her young talent, by adapting some of our products to her needs to increase her dexterity, agility and confidence in her riding.

We started from the existing products in our motorcycle collection with the RFC Woman and RFC Kid gloves dedicated to Racing.

We also adapted the colors of the leathers according to the colors present on his suit. Aesthetics and purity are indeed strong criteria at Racer. Then we reworked the lengths of the fingers, Justine being still young, we took the measure of each finger for a fitting perfectly adapted to the morphology of her hands.

This better grip on the controls also allowed her to pilot with an increased safety margin.

INTERVIEW WITH Justine pedemonte

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Justine PEDEMONTE, I am 13 years old. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 9 years old, I ride a Ninja 400 Kawasaki and I race in the French Promosport Cup.

How did you know Racer?

I met the RACER team at a motorcycle show. I had the chance to meet Celia at the silver bowl with Paty Audebert.

What impact does a pair of custom gloves have on the way you ride?

A custom made pair of gloves is just great, because it's the perfect size for my hands. I never force it and I'm comfortable in it. Plus, they're very comfortable inside and they're in my colors. I'm so happy!

Did you participate in the design of your gloves?

Yes, I asked for a modification of a stitching on the inside, at the wrist to reduce friction and increase comfort.

How do you feel about the Racer custom gloves?

They are very comfortable, I feel the contact with the controls of my bike, mainly at the fingertips, I ride with maximum confidence thanks to my RACER gloves.

What are your future motorcycle projects?

My dream is to become a professional GP rider! But my plans are simple: continue to learn and progress. I will continue to participate in the championships and I hope to go to the world championship later on.