Partners : Dessine-moi un secret !

For this year, the whole Racer team is very happy to be associated with Dessine-moi un secret.

Dessine-moi un secret is an association of equine mediation that brings together horse and animal lovers and professionals from the social, health and education sectors.

The goal? To facilitate the care of a varied public: people in difficulty and very often with a psychological, relational or social handicap. Whether they are children, teenagers, elderly, or disabled.

 The idea? To promote social bonding, learning, stress management, pain and emotions through interactions with the horse, while developing personal skills. The reasons for this support can be diverse. It can be depression, anxiety, chronic pain, autistic disorder, behavioral disorder, or a social breakdown, all of which cause people to close in on themselves. Draw me a secret helps them through an adapted care program, by putting forward the social link through the animal.

 The association was founded by Anaïs Wendling, herself suffering from an auto immune disease. Learning to accept her disease, to manage her painful crises and to live in the present moment: this is what Anaïs has gone through and what she wishes to bring to the patients of the association. Today, the number one objective is to train other volunteers in order to increase the capacity to welcome children and make this practice more democratic. Beautiful perspectives with adapted structures and hospitals of the city of Lyon. The next tour is scheduled to visit the EHPAD of Albigny-sur-Saône and Chasselay, in the Monts d'Or, in October.
 If you want to know more, visit the association's website:
If you wish to accompany and support Anaïs and her team, Dessine-moi un secret is looking for a sponsor to represent the association.

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