Some of you will certainly remember him, but for others a little recap is in order.
Back in 2014, in Geneva, or Romain Berthomé, then French Champion of SX2 short. Romain falls, in a completely banal way, but it is the rest that makes you shiver. Romain is on the ground, he doesn't have time to get up again until another driver still in the race jumps and lands... on his head. Suddenly silence comes at Palexpo. Romain was then rushed to the hospital where he spent a month in a deep coma.

5 months after the tragedy, Romain begins to regain consciousness. He weighs only 48kg, it is essential for him to gain weight and strength to get back to walking, eating, talking, writing... in short, to relearn life independently! At that time, no one would have bet on the fact that 2 years later, Romain would be back in the race. This is an excellent life lesson from this pilot with relentless courage and mind.

Photos credits : RSM-Photographie

Romain Berthomé :